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Desarrollamos y fabricamos productos para el aprovechamiento y filtración de agua de lluvia, así como para tratamiento de agua y aprovechamiento de aguas grises.

The brewery "Grain d'Orge" and INTEWA brew the exclusive Brain with rainwater Hops, malt, yeast and last but not least, water - after 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law, beer is very popular. A growing movement called "Craft Beer" brews beers with a wide range of tastes and unique aromas and they do it with enthusiasm.

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Showering - drinking - washing - garden

Now everything is possible. Use your house as your own water supply by collecting rainfall, as a gift from heaven, in drums. Treat it with the AQUALOOP technology and thus have an almost self-sufficient water supply.

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The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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